Rythium Technologies: Improved RoI On Oracle Licensing

CIO Vendor Oracle with its host of applications is one of India’s market leaders in the enterprise application software market. Just like any massive technology spend, Oracle licensing is regarded as one of the most complex license model and requires thorough management within the IT Asset Management environment. Their licensing metrics have been put in place to help determine how the products purchased can and cannot be used and pose as one of the biggest challenges for SAM (Software Asset Management), ITAM and licensing professionals. Moreover, with their several product acquisitions and flexibility in usage, its terms of use have become even more complex for the end-user to grasp and can increase the user’s financial exposure if not managed pro-actively.

Facing a similar situation was an IT services company that underwent an Oracle license audit with an alleged potential compliance exposure of 40 million Dollars. This could potentially cripple the organization. The organization approached Mumbai headquartered Rythium Technologies, possessing in-depth domain expertise and specialized Software Asset Management & Oracle License Management Services (LMS), in order to help examine the situation and advise them on the same. The company conducted an extensive and detailed discovery of more than 900 servers to check for usage of Oracle programs. In tandem with this, the team of experts deployed on this project analysed the customer’s contractual relationships with Oracle including all the email & reseller correspondences and partnering and purchase documents. “We were able to provide the customer with the exact knowledge about their actual usage of Oracle programs. Using this knowledge, the customer was able to negotiate the alleged non-compliance to zero,” reveals Sheshagiri Anegondi, CEO at Rythium Technologies.

Commanding a significant market presence since 2015, Rythium is recognized as one of the leading independent Oracle license management service providers. The company offers a comprehensive suite of Oracle license services including Baseline Oracle license audit, Oracle contracts analysis, Oracle ULA renewal/certification management and Oracle license education. The company is perfectly poised to assist its list of well-renowned customers reduce their spend on Oracle licenses & support whilst remaining compliant to the contractual obligations. Rythium, over the span of half a decade, has worked with more than 60 customers and delivered superior levels of customer satisfaction with each of the engagements. “Rythium has a team with more than 100-man years of Oracle licensing expertise. We have invested effort and money to develop the best discovery tools to check for installed & running Oracle software. In fact, our tools discover more than Oracle’s own scripts. Our tools have been tested and compared by customers against similar global tools and found
to discover more license usage information,” proudly informs Sheshagiri.

The Inception
Rythium was founded by Sheshagiri who possesses 16 years of working experience with Oracle Corporation as the Vice President for technology products in partnership with Anil Nahata who worked with Reliance heading their procurement department and was also the head of their Telecom Towers business. Rythium has been recently joined by Anand Mohan, formerly the Director of Oracle’s Alliance & Partners business. Apart from the senior management, Rythium has built a team of professionals that have directed its skills and expertise towards building leading edge IT & Software Asset Management products.

Rythium has a team with more than 100-man years of oracle licensing expertise. We have invested effort and money to develop the best discovery tools to check for installed & running oracle software

Rythium’s It Asset Management Applications
Apart from expertise on Oracle LMS, Rythium is an integrated SAM & ITAM company. Rythium extends to its large base of customers a set of proprietary ITAM applications which is essentially a suite of products designed and developed for Software Asset Management, Hardware Asset Management, Contracts Management & Incident Management. The ITAM suite encompasses native discovery tools (both agentless and agent based), a software & hardware catalogue, licensing rules catalogue, contract management module & license compliance calculation algorithms to provide users with a centralized repository of IT deployment & configurations and Effective License Positions (ELP) for software deployed. “Rythium’s ITAM tools have been built on three principles – accurate discovery & normalization, ease of use and insightful analytics,” says Anil Nahata, Co-founder of Rythium Technologies. The ITAM suite manages the asset lifecycle of hardware & software products from any vendor or publisher.

Continuing To Meet And Exceed Customer Expectations
Rythium has catered to every client’s unique requirements in the IT Asset Management and Software License Management domain over the years with its robust and innovative tools & services from its offices located in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. Better equipping themselves to continue serving its customers with its top-notch services and products, the company plans to expand to Singapore and Dubai. The company will be setting up its own subsidiary in Singapore.